Thank you for visiting our website.  Since 2018 we have worked closely as a family of schools to deliver the highest standards in education, care, support and guidance for our young people across Leicester, Leicestershire and (since 2022) Rutland.  Our schools are happy, thriving, successful places run by experienced school leaders, and supported by highly engaged local governing bodies.  We are held to account by a Trust Board of Directors who are all appointed by Bishop Patrick McKinney, our diocesan bishop.  Our trust and our schools are highly ambitious for every young person in our care; our vision states that “we don’t give up on our young people, always believing in them”.  This means believing in them to achieve as well as they possibly can, to leave our schools with the very best life chances, to grow spiritually, morally and socially to be the best people they can be, and to be caring, inclusive and empathetic citizens throughout their lives.  We recognise that this is an immense challenge yet believe that we are blessed and privileged to have been called to respond to it.

We often speak of “Christ at the centre” of all we do.  This is more than a mere form of words.  It means that the person, teaching and example of Christ can be explicitly found in our polices and ways of working, our school curricula, our behaviour management principles, and the way we treat each other in our schools.  It is our steadfast belief that all our young people can come to know Christ as teacher, guide and friend during their time in our schools.  It is our hope that this will help them in their future lives, in the decisions they make, and in the way they interact with others.

If you would like to find out more about our trust, please explore the website and our social media platforms.  To find out more about any of our schools, please follow the links in the “Our Schools” section of the homepage.  If, specifically, you are considering one of our schools for your child the very best advice I can offer is: visit the school.  Our staff will be delighted to welcome you and will proudly show you all their school has to offer.

God bless,
Neil Lockyer
Chief Executive Officer